Contact & FAQ

For more information or to schedule a viewing please contact me directly. Showings & interviews are available on weekends outlining house & neighborhood. Video showings can be arranged.

  • I have not heard from your realtor and don’t care too.
  • Price does not reflect realtor fee’s.
  • I’m not looking to list with any broker.
  • Potential purchasers will be vetted. Tire kickers & looky-loo’s not welcome.
  • I have a house, I’m in no rush. Waiting it’s not getting cheaper.
  • If you want comparable info

Are you right for the area?

  1. Would you do this?
  2. Would you call by-law because of mosquito’s?
  3. Do you want a big box complex close by?

Answer yes to any of the above & you should consider Kanata or Vanier west